We are all impressive

Someone asked me yesterday “how do you do it all?”

I replied “what do you mean?”

She went on to elaborate. All the projects I do with the girls. The Etsy Site. Updating Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, etc. And she continued on listing things I “do” and ended it with “you’re just so impressive”

And I just smiled. Laughed a bit. And said “I don’t”

I’ve read plenty of posts where bloggers have been asked that question and the response is always the same (they don’t “do it all” either) but I am still shocked that I got that question.

Take this morning. Man was it a bad morning. I felt like Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day… And I just wanted to move to Australia…

It was a morning where nothing went right. Where my voice was too loud and my patience too thin.

I wouldn’t normally share my terrible, horrible morning with anyone (or with very few) so I get why she would think I have it all together. And sometimes I do. But I still have lots and lots of learning and improving. And I just want to say, I find you all impressive.

Hugs all around

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2 thoughts on “We are all impressive

  1. I definitely found myself loud and thin right before nap. But hopefully the afternoon will be better with lots of hugs, sweetness and fun times.

    I agree, you are awesome. Every mom I know does things that make me stop and think “Wow, how did you manage to get that done or even try it in the first place?” How do you do it? Love, lots and lots of love. Occasionally wine or chocolate.

    BTW- 8 days!!!!!!!

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