Quick and Easy Colored Rice

Seriously, the rice took less time then this blog post did to write.

I searched Pinterest (I love Pinterest…) and did a combo of these two recipes: http://www.playathomemomllc.com/2011/06/colored-ricepasta/ & http://stuffparentsneed.com/colored-rice-activity-simple-and-very-entertaining/

You need:
*Something to dye it with (check out the play at home mom recipe for a kool aid version)
*vinegar or rubbing alcohol (I was out f white vinegar so I used apple cider vinegar and it definitely smells nicer than I suspect white vinegar would)
Quick and Easy Colored Rice: Rice, Food Coloring, Vinegar
I used the Baggie technique from play at home moms
Baggie Technique for Quick and Easy Colored Rice
Then used stuff parents need drying recipe (200 degrees on parchment paper for 20 minutes)
Quick and Easy Colored Rice

Princess Play Dresses

We have NINE new dresses in our line:





They’re each inspired by our favorite princesses. Our goal when designing these dresses was to make something that could be worn over clothes, would wash easily (I don’t know about your kids but mine are filthy at times), and could be easily worn in play. The playground, roller coasters, running around the house. We wanted the princess feel but made durable.

We do hope you love them. Know any little princesses like mine? (You know the type that will live in a costume? Who love the mud and chalk and art projects?) please pass these along to them!

You can find them on our Etsy shop at Mom, Baby and Me for $35/ea or 2 for $55

Coupon for $10 off is still good. Use code “welcomeback10″

We are all impressive

Someone asked me yesterday “how do you do it all?”

I replied “what do you mean?”

She went on to elaborate. All the projects I do with the girls. The Etsy Site. Updating Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter, etc. And she continued on listing things I “do” and ended it with “you’re just so impressive”

And I just smiled. Laughed a bit. And said “I don’t”

I’ve read plenty of posts where bloggers have been asked that question and the response is always the same (they don’t “do it all” either) but I am still shocked that I got that question.

Take this morning. Man was it a bad morning. I felt like Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day… And I just wanted to move to Australia…

It was a morning where nothing went right. Where my voice was too loud and my patience too thin.

I wouldn’t normally share my terrible, horrible morning with anyone (or with very few) so I get why she would think I have it all together. And sometimes I do. But I still have lots and lots of learning and improving. And I just want to say, I find you all impressive.

Hugs all around